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PloxyHub Halloween Event 2017
Hiya Guys! Got a Discord? NOICE. Lettin' ya know we Hostin' a Halloween event in our Server PloxyHub. Come check it out(18+ KIDS STAY OFF IM TELLIN YOU BOI):

Here's info on everything about everything on it.
When you Find a Pokemon You want to Catch
Stream Request Pic for Cat of her OC Liz and her Bootleg Torchic Plushie. I stream ROIIIGGHT Here(NSFW and sometimes SFW):
Spirits of Dark
~Weekly Update Pic for The Fire Spirit Comic as I work on Job.


As there are Light Spirits there are the Dark ones. They Manifest through Forms of Despair, Pain, Dread, Mockery, and Discomfort. 

Where do they come from and how do they form? in the Comic's Lore there is such a thing as a Mind Dimension, this forms the foundation of the World's way of Profound thought, the Polarity of Right and Wrong, it has Influence over reality and the creatures that Reside in it. This Mind Dimension, they call it "The Aethera".  It serves as the Carer of Minds, the Harvester of souls, and the Source of All Magic. So where do Spirits Come from? There are two sides of the Aethera, the Dark and the Light. Each has it's Own influence in the Reality. Only problem is there is only One Plane of Reality. The Light and Dark Fight over what controls this Plane. Whichever controls The Plane, The Souls, The Temporal Souls that Linger in it Transforms into These Spirits.

There are the Guardians of Light, unknown for the darkness. Such Guardians were called Praesi. The Highest of All Power Only under the Aethera. Chiyo Sakura Kobayashi, the Supposed Main Character of the First Chapter, is one of them. 

I need to practice More on these Fucks in the Future, given the time. 
Technically Owwsome Men
High school did this to me.....MY PRIDE.

Someone asked if there was a mascot for The Fire Spirit--My Manga-- Jokingly, I said yes and they look like Dicks... I was Serious x'D

   They are Souls Trapped in the world by a Powerful Mage who possessed something called Cha-Rif - The Fire of Change-. the Powerful Mage originally called them SoulCursed, for they will forever roam the world, never to die, never to disappear, in a form of mockery. This current form they have, this squishy, oddly adorable look they have? They never looked like that, they looked horrifying. It wasn't in the intention of the Mage to curse them, it was the intent of a Bigger Play, from a Spirit Master named Stratis.

Because they were undying, and there were millions of them, They were the last Victorious Weapon against the Mad Sorcerer king Vanus Regora-- later named Crypt--. the SoulCursed destroyed most of the last empire of Golat ruled by the Mad Sorcerer king, but they were never a match  to the wits of the King. It only took the King to find out who created them, the Mage who Possessed Cha-Rif, Imprisoned her, and the SoulCursed are now bound to Vanus Regora's Will. Stratis was already imprisoned before this time.

  Not until the Mad Sorcerer king was imprisoned in an amulet did the SoulCursed truly attained their Freedom. Upon the Imprisonment, The Minds of the SoulCursed started to come back to them.  They can finally think again, be aware, be conscious. Although glorious as this seems, they forgot who or what they were, with exception of a few. The Mad king left an entire planet ransacked, defiled by corruption, no Mage is left, no People. Most of the People were turned into SoulCursed by the Cha-Rif Beholder. The SoulCursed started to take a better form that would suit their size. The picture is how they look now. And with further time, they started naming themselves as Technically Owwsome Men. A rather Childish pick for a name, Then again, the ones who were able to remember who they were were Children after all. The ones who remembered were the First SoulCursed, children. The ones who remembered were also the only ones who can cast Magic. The remaining millions of Soul cursed? they had to listen to the guidance of the ones who remembered. So for hundreds of years, Golat now inhabits a world by never dying Childish individuals, Until they discovered Artificial Intelligence.

The Toms on the Pic:
-Burny(Upper Left)- One of the First toms. He can cast Fire Magic. He will also later on teach Otto(MC of The Fire Spirit) how to cast Fire with his Eyes.
-Shocky(Middle)- One of the First toms. Second to lead the Toms against a Godlike AI they created who is now Ruling Golat.
-Timo(Upper Right with the Viking Hat)- Never in the history of toms has there been a Necromancer in their midst. This little fuck has been an enemy and an incredible ally to the MC.
-Cloudy(Lower Left)-One of the First toms. a Water Mage. This flubby fuck will drown you.
-Apple(Middle)- Brilliant Hacker and adopted son of Burny. And if you think i named him after Apple Computers, GTFO. 
-Bomby- One of the First toms. a Fire Mage. This guy blew up a Fuck Ton of Shit. 

Spirits of Light
I said im makin' one "The Fire Spirit" Pic a week and imma deliver, so when im done with ma job, the Hope is not as drained when i come back to working on it again.

Light Spirits.
- Formless they are indeed. And for the absence of form they can take the appearance of whatever they choose. Spirits tend to attach to the human mind, and with the human mind comes a vast resource of forms created from it's imagination. Light spirits tend to take the forms that present compassion, love, comfort, warmth, etc. that the human Mind can give. Light Spirits are indeed beings you want to surround yourself with, But do not give in to the excitement of this notion, for when the light goes off, the Darkness comes. Gone the Light Spirits, and The Dark Spirits take their place.

Dark Spirits:…
Ma bebe The Fire Spirit is alone and it's been a week already. No matter, one day i'll finish those Patreon animations and we can have allll the Free time we want together. 

But to really suppress the urge to abandon all hope of working on Original work, i will make a pic about the Series every week. Ill just use the style im using for Peachy pics so it wouldn't cost too much time. 
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